Arno Triebskorn

Psychotherapie – Psychoanalyse (Einzel- und Gruppen-PT), EMDR-Therapie, Spezielle Psychotraumatherapie

Greg Malone LMHC

I specialize in grief and loss, medical trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and shame issues. I have over 20 years of experience working in both the mental health field as well as hospice and palliative medicine.  If there are elements of trauma within one’s experience, I use Lifespan Integration as a means to help the brain rewire … Read more

Zakia Rhiati

Psychologue, praticienne en ICV. Traitement des traumatismes, troubles de l’attachement, troubles dissociatifs, états de stress post traumatique. Collaboratrice EIDO  SAS

Samuel Lemitre

Docteur en Psychologie (PHD) Thérapeute certifié ICV (LI) Président de EIDO, centre de thérapies neuro-intégratives du stress et des traumatismes (Paris, Bordeaux, Montpellier – France) Enseignant formateur, clinicien chercheur auteur de publications scientifiques Thèmes centraux : neurobiologie du stress, réponses traumatiques, stratégies thérapeutiques régulatrices du stress traumatique, violences sexuelles, inceste, systèmes familiaux, adolescence, stratégies thérapeutiques … Read more

Sarah Kardelen

I believe our lives are like a tapestry, consisting of strands of stories that have been woven together to make one larger story. Our story is part of the larger tapestry of our family, race, culture, country and world. Through the work of therapy, we come to understand our stories and are empowered to decide … Read more

Carine Bossuyt

Gestalt-thérapeute, thérapeute humaniste et psychocorporelle en suivi individuel. En outre, je suis formé à l’accompagnement de couples et de familles et spécialisé dans le soutien de personnes traversant un burn out professionnel et/ou parental. Je détiens le certificat européen de psychothérapie (CEP).

Sebastian Wingfield

As an existential therapist, I use Lifespan Integration to help clients turn towards themselves through difficult moments in their life to come to a place of inner consent with respect to their existence.

Laura Williamson, MAC, LMHC, EdD

What I love about life is that it is relentless. In the best way, life requires full participation and will not let up until you are transformed. Knowing this, I am truly passionate about supporting people, at any stage and ability, to pivot from a static position toward a more creative, dynamic, and present way … Read more