Emily Mullenax

I received my Master of Social Work (MSW) from New York University, and I currently practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in trauma-informed treatment. I believe in healing through compassion, empowerment, and integration.  Therapy isn’t about rewriting the past or bypassing your experiences with toxic positivity. We can’t change what happened to … Read more

Lisa Lopez

Hi! I’m Lisa! I look forward to meeting you!  I provide counseling for adults, families, teens, and children.  I am great with kids and teens; it comes naturally to me. Adults appreciate my down-to-earth nature and ability to meet them where they’re at.  Lifespan Integration therapy is one of my primary modalities in counseling clients.  … Read more

Ethan Maryon

Greetings! I’m Ethan, a compassionate mental health therapist specializing in addiction, trauma recovery, and building healthy relationships. When I’m not in the therapy office you’ll find me outdoors exploring nature, cultivating balance and mindfulness on the yoga mat, and connecting with family and friends. My approach is rooted in curiosity and a love of learning. … Read more

Elana Rosencrantz

My practice is open to adults, adolescents and children. Whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression, yearning for a better relationship, or seeking more fulfillment in life, therapy can offer relief and hope. I have a passion for working with relationship and attachment issues.

Catherine Thorpe

<strong>About </strong>A licensed mental health counselor in Bellevue WA, Cathy’s counseling work with children and adults is focused on trauma and anxiety. Cathy was initially trained as an EMDR therapist, but after learning Lifespan Integration (LI) in 2003, she has made LI her main treatment modality. Cathy spends her time counseling, consulting, and training others … Read more

Cindy Wuflestad

Cindy is an approved LI Consultant and is committed to advancing LI therapists through their certification experience. She has been active in the LI community since 2003 after receiving her first experience of LI as a client.  During her years with the LI organization, she has been an instructor, a member of the LI-CORE leadership, … Read more

Nita Baer

Nita brings thirty years experience working with traumatized children into her work as an LI therapist and consultant. As a consultant she is available for clinicians seeking certification or interested in improving their understanding and application of LI with children and adults.  LI Consultation Therapy for LI therapists seeking certification LI Therapy Spiritual Direction Request … Read more

Justus D’Addario

Justus is a Certified Lifespan Integration therapist and consultant offering therapy (for Washington state residents only) and consultation for therapists wishing to become more successful with Lifespan Integration online. Justus specializes in attachment and parenting issues, which result in symptoms of adhd, anxiety, depression, panic, self doubt and/or low self esteem.

Wesley Linam

Welcome to Integrative Soul Care The human soul rebels against the modern, compartmentalized self. Seekers of wholeness are discovering what sages of old have known and current brain research affirms at every turn – our essential selves are an intricately woven tapestry of mind, body, heart, and spirit. Many, in coming to mid-life, and latter-life … Read more

Judith Piper

I am a mental health therapist with a private practice in Kirkland, WA. Lifespan Integration is my primary modality of treatment for individuals. I treat PTSD and Complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, addictions, and relational issues. I have specialized training in complex grief and am comfortable integrating faith and spirituality for those who wish to … Read more