Manon Dubourg

Psychologue clinicienne, je pratique l’ICV depuis 2016 et je suis toujours émerveillée par les changements profonds et l’apaisement que cette thérapie apporte. Je travaille en visio consultation, avec les adultes, les parents et leurs enfants/adolescents. Je suis également superviseure ICV enfants et adolescents pour les thérapeutes.

ingrid toledano

Psychologue et gestalt-thérapeute formé à la PGRO (psychothérapie gestaltiste des relations d’objet), j’accompagne en cabinet privé des adultes en thérapie individuelle. Visio et présentiel Formée à l’ICV depuis 2012, j’ai l’agrément LI depuis 2018 et suis superviseure depuis 2021.

Emily Mullenax

I received my Master of Social Work (MSW) from New York University, and I currently practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing in trauma-informed treatment. I believe in healing through compassion, empowerment, and integration.  Therapy isn’t about rewriting the past or bypassing your experiences with toxic positivity. We can’t change what happened to … Read more

Lisa Lopez

Hi! I’m Lisa! I look forward to meeting you!  I provide counseling for adults, families, teens, and children.  I am great with kids and teens; it comes naturally to me. Adults appreciate my down-to-earth nature and ability to meet them where they’re at.  Lifespan Integration therapy is one of my primary modalities in counseling clients.  … Read more

Ethan Maryon

Greetings! I’m Ethan, a compassionate mental health therapist specializing in addiction, trauma recovery, and building healthy relationships. When I’m not in the therapy office you’ll find me outdoors exploring nature, cultivating balance and mindfulness on the yoga mat, and connecting with family and friends. My approach is rooted in curiosity and a love of learning. … Read more

Elana Rosencrantz

My practice is open to adults, adolescents and children. Whether you are struggling with anxiety or depression, yearning for a better relationship, or seeking more fulfillment in life, therapy can offer relief and hope. I have a passion for working with relationship and attachment issues.

Rachel Weinstein

Pronouns: she/her Clients often come to me when they are ready to heal and integrate wounds that have left a mark on their system so they can find better quality of life and increased freedom. I have experience in public and private settings supporting clients who struggle with complex trauma and PTSD, sexual abuse, anxiety, … Read more

Bodil Lindström

Jag arbetar med, handleder och utbildar i Lifespan Integration. Både “live” och via internet då Lifespan Integration fungerar mycket bra även via internet. Jag använder även andra metoder såsom IFS, Bodysense, som lämpar sig väl för trauma-läkning.