Emeline Yverneau

Je peux vous recevoir à mon cabinet à Giez, au sud du lac d’Annecy, ou en visio via Skype. Diplômée de l’Ecole de Psychologues Praticiens (EPP) de Paris, je continue de me former régulièrement afin de vous proposer une approche et des outils au plus proche de vos besoins (ICV, ACT, approche psycho-corporelle…).

Dominique LAFON

Je suis thérapeute LI ICV Agrée, et formée à la systémie. Je travaille exclusivement en ICV, et exerce en cabinet ( à Mont de Marsan ) ou en Visio.

Qinchen Wu

Qinchen is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor/Therapist from China, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, and a Certified Canadian Counselor. She achieved her Bachelor degree in Psychology from University of Arizona, her first Master degree in Counseling and Mental Health Services from University of Pennsylvania, and second master degree in Marriage and Family … Read more

Julia Macfarlane

Formée à Lifespan Integration au Royaume-Uni, j’utilise l’ICV en complément à ma pratique de Gestalt Thérapeute. Je peux vous recevoir soit en présentiel dans mon cabinet, installé à Versailles depuis 2016, ou en visio. Etant de double nationalité franco-britannique, je vous offre la possibilité de faire les séances en français ou en anglais. I trained … Read more

Lara Allen

Hi there I am Lara. It Is such a joy to have you here. Over the years, I have found myself having a heart that yearns to have a relationship with others, so I can have the opportunity to walk through different seasons of their life collectively. Whether it be from your past, present or … Read more

Brea Owen

My therapeutic work comprises of person-centered and emotion-focused approaches. At the cornerstone of my theoretical orientation, is the belief that human beings are inherently trustworthy and possess an intrinsic ability to move towards healing when they are supported in doing so. I often bring in elements of mindfulness to encourage insight and self-awareness of our … Read more

Michelle McClintock

I believe it is a privilege to help people who are feeling confused, frustrated, anxious, depressed, or lost in life. I do not take the level of trust and vulnerability it takes to allow someone into your personal life for granted. Creating a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental, and nurturing space where you can heal and grow … Read more

Liz Macdonald

Lifespan Integration is a powerful tool for settling the activating or traumatic points in our history down into the narrative of our lives, reducing reactivity and triggers, and allowing us to move forward with more freedom to act in alignment with our values. As we increase our capacity for self-knowledge, we also tend to increase … Read more


Si vous visitez cette page, c’est que vous faites face à une question, un nœud, une souffrance qui devient prégnante. Peut-être cette difficulté vous concerne vous seul, l’un de vos proches ou la relation à l’un de vos proches. Quoi qu’il en soit vous faites ainsi le premier pas vers “aller mieux”. Vous cherchez une … Read more