Evelyn Schmechtig Cochran

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been practicing psychotherapy for 34 years. I am experienced, well trained, love what I do and feel privileged to be able to do what I am passionate about, which is helping people, supervising clinicians as they apply Emotionally Focused Therapy and other techniques to sessions. … Read more

Rachael Firth

I am a humanistic and integrative counsellor and psychotherapist offering a supportive, trusting, and confidential space where together, we can work through the difficulties that have prompted you to seek support. At times we may feel stuck in unhelpful, disconnected, and emotionally painful cycles in our relationships, or our job isn’t fulfilling us. Maybe we … Read more


Neuropsychologue de formation, je pratique l’EMDR pour adultes, enfants et adolescents, ainsi que l’ICV adulte pour les troubles de l’attachement. Je peux effectuer les consultations en visio.

Damian Grainer

I am a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor with 23 years in private practice. My original training was in Psychosynthesis and hold a psychospiritual context in my practice.  Over the years I have integrated Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Internal Family Systems and somatic approaches including Qigong into my work but am primarily working with Lifespan Integration. I … Read more

Stéphanie de Brondeau

Diplômée de l’Ecole des Psychologues-Praticiens, j’ai exercé à la fois : en institutions auprès d’une population en difficultés personnelles et relationnelles, fréquemment victimes de traumatismes, souffrant d’addictions ou de troubles de la personnalité, auprès d’entreprises, dans l’accompagnement des salariés en souffrance professionnelle dans leurs transitions professionnelles et le développement de leurs potentiels. Cela m’a permis … Read more

Giselle Macfarlane

As an LMFT serving Bainbridge Island, I utilize a humanistic, emotionally focused perspective with children, youth, and adults with concerns including anxiety, depression, attachment, trauma, self-harm, identity, and gender questioning issues. I find Lifespan Integration and Somatic Transformation helpful in resolving trauma. I treat couples and families working through conflict, life transitions, divorce, grief, and … Read more

Caitlin Wehrwood

I primarily practice feminist therapy, which means I see politics and power dynamics as inseparable from our human experiences, and therefore inseparable from therapeutic work. Specifically, my therapeutic approach is rooted in fat and trans liberation, disability justice, anti-racism, and prison abolition. My clients are often queer or trans, many identify as disabled or chronically … Read more

Khloe Clawson

I work with adults and adolescents facing trauma, challenges with self-esteem, relationships, boundary setting, life transitions, and anxiety. I also specialize in treating ADHD, OCD, and body-focused repetitive behaviors. I provide a supportive environment for clients to practice skills designed to enhance personal, relational, and professional satisfaction. My approach to counseling is evidence-based and client-centered. … Read more

Siera Heaton

I love helping clients’ minds and bodies heal through approaches such as Lifespan Integration, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Somatic Therapy. Free 15-minute phone consultations are available.