Michaela Kohmetscher

If not updated this record will expire at 06/25/2024.

Therapist category: Certified Therapist, Trained Therapist

Level of training:  Level 4 

Types of clients: Adults

Specializations: Anxiety, Depression, Self confidence

LI Therapy online?: Yes

Languages: English

Michaela works with adults and her clinical expertise focuses on trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, childhood abuse and trauma. She works from a cognitive behavioral and somatic experiencing perspective and drawing upon several therapeutic techniques depending on your individual needs.  Michaela  incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-CBT, Lifespan Integration Therapy-LI, Comprehensive Energy Psychology Therapy-CEP, CIMBS, EMDR, IFS, Integrative Therapy , Mindfulness, and Self Compassion teachings to help you move through depression, anxiety, and trauma, and move toward ease, calm, and inner peace.

Main Address:

Burien,  Washington, United States

Email: m@mpk.life
Phone: 206-914-3358


Burien, WA, USA