Kelly Adler

If not updated this record will expire at 06/19/2024.

Therapist category: Certified Therapist, Instructor, Supervisor, Trained Therapist

Level of training:  Level 2 

Types of clients: Adults, Children, Families, Teens

Specializations: ADHD, Anxiety, Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Emotional Dysregulation, LGBTQ, Relational issues, Self confidence, Sexual abuse

LI Therapy online?: Yes

Languages: English

Kelly Adler is an experienced trainer, consultant, and certified counsellor. She offers trainings in Western Canada and provides consultation internationally (both in person and online). Kelly has specific expertise in eating disorders, reproductive mental health and trauma. Kelly is also the owner and operator of a clinical practice in Vancouver, BC which offers LI therapy from a team of highly experienced LI therapists. Kelly is passionate about the incredible power and possibility for healing that LI offers. She has helped numerous people to heal and integrate and never tires of witnessing the incredible transformation that people can make through LI’s  protocols. As a consultant and trainer, she aims to be approachable, warm and direct. She wants those new to LI to have a welcoming and enjoyable experience as they learn this incredibly valuable tool.

Main Address:
206 - 304 Columbia St
New Westminster,  British Columbia, Canada

Phone: 1-604-721-2052


304 Columbia St #206, New Westminster, BC, Canada