Julia Hofman, LMHC

If not updated this record will expire at 06/21/2024.

Therapist category: Trained Therapist

Level of training:  Level 3 

Types of clients: Adults, Teens

Specializations: Anxiety, Burn Out, Depression, Emotional Dysregulation, Relational issues, Self confidence, Sleep disorders

LI Therapy online?: Yes

Languages: English

In the midst of the 2020 shut-down, I opened my practice to work with clients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, or trauma. My role is to create a space for you to bring yourself and be heard. Together we look at the story of your life to see how it affects who you are today and how you present in relationships. I like to work towards a general goal of my clients being able to function better so that they can go out and do life. That process and the individual goals will look different for each client. I admit that I enjoy my work and I see counseling as a calling on my life. I also enjoy seeing the progress my clients often have as a result of relational therapy and Lifespan Integration.

I received training in Relational Psychodynamic Narrative Therapy through the master’s program at The Seattle School with a focus on trauma-informed care. As I discover what best suits you, I can employ a variety of therapeutic techniques from my experience in community mental health settings. In addition, I bring a breadth of life experience, from building a boat on the shores of Lake Victoria in Africa to nannying toddlers.

I offer free 15 minute consultation calls. Simply email me to set up a time to discuss your needs in therapy.

Main Address:
5608 17th Avenue NW #1061
Seattle,  Washington, United States

Email: julia@presencetherapyseattle.com


5608 17th Avenue Northwest, Seattle, WA 98107, USA