Jiahua Jenny Yang

If not updated this record will expire at 07/10/2024.

Therapist category: Trained Therapist

Level of training:  Level 2 

Types of clients: Adults, Couples

Specializations: Addiction, Anxiety, Burn Out, Depression, Eating Disorders, LGBTQ, Relational issues, Self confidence, Sleep disorders

LI Therapy online?: Yes

Languages: Chinese, English

A word to new clients…

I believe in listening, empathizing, and being corrected when I am wrong – in order to help my clients find the path that they were always meant to be on. However, what I believe more is using new findings from neuroscience and research tested effective treatment modalities. Have you ever had the thought – “Well I know what I am supposed to do, but I just can’t do it ! ”. You are not alone. Our ways of being are often learned somatically and emotionally, they are ingrained in the physiological of our brain – the parts that governs emotional functions. Therefore, we can really struggle if we try to change our behaviors by ways of reason – which are run by our logical frontal lobe. This is why systematic trauma treatment methods are crucial in helping people get unstuck. I believe I can help you make a difference with the Life-Span Integration approach, and am excited to be in the sidelines to you finding yourself.

How to Begin…

After receiving my education and training to be a licensed mental health counselor in New York, I have relocated to Shanghai, China where I now practice out of. If you are interested in working with me, get in touch with me through email – yang.jenny@hotmail.com or Wechat ID: Aniccapsychology, to set up a free 20 minute consultation and see if we are a good fit. I provide in person, and online sessions in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


抑郁和焦虑:⼤脑和⼈体⼀样,都有⾃我修复能⼒。现代社会的快节奏让⼤脑应接不暇,来不及⾃我修复,这时很容易 产⽣“焦虑”的感觉。报喜不报忧的⽂化、社交媒体上他⼈的光鲜亮丽,更是会让⾃⼰产⽣“为什么只有我这么挣扎”、 “为什么我怎么做都不够好” 的想法。

创伤:在⼈的⼀⽣中,难免会遇到难题。 对于有些⼈来说,难题也许会在脆弱的孩童时期出现;带给⾃⼰难题的⼈, 有可能是外⼈、⾄亲,或⼀个系统性的问题。 也许⼀些⼉童时期的痛苦尘封在记忆的深处,影响着你的⼈⽣观、压缩 着你的安全感; 也许⼀些更加明显的伤⼝延续⾄今,你还在受其折磨;也许有⼀些新的创伤刚刚发⽣,你正不知所 措。

你是否曾经想过“我知道我该怎么改,可是我就是做不到!”。我经常和我的来访者说,今天你能走到这里,你肯定是一个拥有很多智慧、机智、勇气的人,我估计是说不出什么很聪明和使人开窍的话可以一下就让你改变起来的。而事实也是,引导着我们固化的行为和思维模式的东西不是逻辑(前额叶)而是情绪脑(边缘系统和脑干)。要改变这些因为情绪和躯体感觉导致的行为必须用系统的创伤疗法去工作,去调动⼤脑的⾃我修复能⼒, 让过去变成真正的过去,或者让你获得改 变的能⼒和⾃信,跳出现在所处的怪圈。

我相信我可以用Life Span Integration (LI;人生整合)与你工作,陪伴你走出你现在所在的怪圈,帮你重新找到健康的自我。

如果你有兴趣和我开始咨询工作,你可以通过电邮 yang.jenny@hotmail.com或者联络我的工作微信(微信号:Aniccapsychology) ,预约一个20分钟的免费会谈,先来感受一下与我谈话是否感到舒适,如果感到匹配,我们会从那起再预约第一次正式咨询。

Main Address:
Suite 9013, 887 Huaihai Middle Road
Shanghai,  Huangpu District, China

Email: yang.jenny@hotmail.com
Phone: +86 18502108052


Novel Building, 甲秀里黄浦区 Shanghai, 中国