Delta Kelly

If not updated this record will expire at 06/28/2024.

Therapist category: Certified Therapist, Trained Therapist

Level of training:  Level 4 

Types of clients: Adults, Teens

Specializations: Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Violence, Emotional Dysregulation, Relational issues, Self confidence, Sexual abuse

LI Therapy online?: Yes

Languages: English

Our stories contain many chapters, and often those chapters are very difficult. I work with people who find themselves with life stories that include times of trauma, depression, anxiety, loneliness, grief, shame, difficult relationships or just feeling stuck, and long to help you heal and become more and more whole. You are not alone!

Those who know me well often hear me say, “Your story is simply not over yet. Right now may be a difficult chapter, but if you are still alive it is still being written. There is still so much hope for more beautiful chapters in your life.”

I know this is true because this is my story. I know without a doubt that God has used all of these varied experiences to shape me into the person and counselor that I am today and enable me to help you where you are.

As a counselor and LI therapist, it will be a privilege for me to hear your story, hold hope for you, and walk with you in whatever chapter you find yourself in, to find wholeness, healing and health.

Main Address:
2000 Berry Chase Pl
Montgomery,  Alabama, United States

Phone: 334-440-3427


2000 Berry Chase Place, Montgomery, AL, USA