Benita Weems

My goal as a counselor is to empower people to overcome whatever they are facing and find hope. I want my clients to know that they are not alone, that healing and peace are possible. Each Client has incredible worth and value. I hope to serve my clients as both an advocate and a counselor. … Read more

Inès Odry

Inès Odry propose des consultations psychologiques auprès des enfants, des adolescents et des adultes. Elle vous reçoit au sein d’un cabinet pluridisciplinaire à Montigny-le-Bretonneux, et propose également des téléconsultations. Elle se spécialise dans la psychologie des émotions (gestion des émotions, régulation émotionnelle, développement des compétences émotionnelles), les troubles anxieux, les événements douloureux et les traumatismes, … Read more

Lily Rafizadeh

Working with a holistic approach, I invite exploration of all aspects of your being – including your social and cultural contexts, the family you grew up in, the important relationships in your life, and the states of your body and nervous system. I am deeply influenced by principles of neuroscience and how therapy can shift … Read more

Natalia Matas-Piper

I am a certified clinical psychologist working as an integrative therapist with teens, adults and families for the past fifteen years. I hold Masters Degrees in Integrative Psychotherapy, Family Systems Therapy and Couples and Sexual Counselling.

Mariia Naimushina

По первому образованию я биолог, второе и третье — клинический и кризисный психолог. Практикую LI с 2019 года. Работаю онлайн и очно с людьми, переживающими последствия эмоциональных и шоковых травм (ДТП, несчастные случаи, насилие). Подхожу к работе с травматическим опытом с большой внимательностью и теплотой. Уверена, что трудные переживания и периоды в жизни могут быть … Read more

Cathie Lamal

Je reçois les enfants, adolescents ainsi que leurs parents : anxiété, gestion des émotions, difficultés d’apprentissages à l’école, au collège  (bilan cognitif et psychoaffectif), conflits parents/enfant,  troubles du sommeil, difficultés au moment de la séparation… J’utilise une approche intégrative depuis plus de 10 ans pour aider et soutenir mes patients (psychologue de l’enfance et de … Read more

Sharon Macfarlane

You’re trying hard to keep it all together, but you’re exhausted. Life seems out of your control and every small decision feels too big to handle. You are unsure of who you are or where you belong. It’s a battle to get out of bed and face another day. The weight of it all is … Read more

Christine Le

Dr. Le grew up in England and first worked in a children’s refugee home in London.  Here she saw how people with even significant challenges had a great potential for change. Wanting to learn more, she earned a Doctoral degree in Psychology from New York University. She completed her residency at Queens Medical Center in … Read more

Elspeth Humphreys

Elspeth has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Victoria. Elspeth is both a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Social Worker in British Columbia for over 20 years. Elspeth works with clients of all ages and has specific training in Mindfulness, LifeSpan … Read more